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What you should know about this program.
What you should know about this program.
By age 40, natural changes in the brain reduce our ability to pay attention - and it only gets worse as we age.

Poor attention skills make it harder to remember.

Some researchers even believe that poor attention skills after age 40 may be one of the root causes of poor memory .

Improve your attention skills, and you very likely will improve your memory as well!
The Attention Workout is a science-based program specifically designed to improve attention skills - the key to better memory performance.

Research has shown that attention is best trained when all three of its components - Allocating attention, Coordinating attention, and Focusing attention - are trained individually.

The Attention Workout program helps you train each of these components - so you can improve both your attention skills and your memory skills, for a more satisfying life.
An initial pilot study of the program was conducted by Johns Hopkins University under a grant from the National Institutes of Health in 2005. This study found that:

1. Attention skills can be improved - and at almost any age!

2. Improving you attention skills also increases your memory abilities!

This Attention Workout program builds on the success of the initial pilot study. Five of the most effective attention exercises from the original pilot study have been redesigned and upgraded specifically for this program.

Your participation in this program not only helps continue this groundbreaking research, it also helps our researchers significantly expand this study to include a much broader base of users.

This program is a win-win opportunity for everyone involved!

Some of the best memory improvement scientists in the country get to continue and expand their research efforts - while the participants in this program get an opportunity to increase their attention skills and work toward improving their memory - all at the same time.
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