Privacy Policy  

Privacy & Security Policy for Practical Memory Institute (PMI)

Privacy Policy:

Practical Memory Institute (PMI), the operator of the website, is a scientific research organization and subscribes to strict principles of privacy.

PMI does not sell, distribute or publish any personal information provided to it or collected by its software applications or website. INDIVIDUAL ACCOUNT INFORMATION, RESEARCH/ANALYSIS DATA, DEMOGRAPHIC INFORMATION, PERFORMANCE DATA, AND/OR SURVEY INFORMATION SUBMITTED OR COLLECTED ARE CONSIDERED CONFIDENTIAL AND WILL NOT BE DIVULGED TO ANY THIRD PARTY. Only summary information, not associated with any individual, will be published.

Security Statement:

The website uses Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), the standards for security on the Internet, and GeoTrust True Site to keep credit card and other personal information safe. PMI will never breach user privacy by sharing information with others.

Survey Privacy:

As part of our surveys we may collect personal and non-personal, non-individual statistical or demographic information in aggregate form for research purposes. These data will be presented in a way that makes it impossible to extract personal information without consent of the owner. Except for the purpose of credit card verification and order processing, no individual data are ever made available to anyone for any purpose.